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BFFA is a registered, non-profit making organisation set up in June 2001 to primally provide secondary school education for the less privileged children from Amodu (Enugu State, Nigeria). Since the 2002/2003 academic year, BFFA has been awarding scholarships to the best 5 - 7 primary school leavers from Amodu each year. BFFA has also sponsored two students at university. It intends to grant more students university scholarships whenever it has the means to do so. To know more about these two university graduates, click on Graduates in the navigation bar above and then select first batch.

Amodu is a village in Nkanu West Local Government Area, in Enugu State of Nigeria. Click on this link or the map shown on the left side to find out more about Amodu.




Education is an expensive enterprise in Nigeria. In view of this, many gifted children from poor families are forced to abandon the idea of furthering their education after the 6-year compulsory primary education. Such children are thus confronted with perpetual, undeserved hardship.

In September 2002, i.e., during the 2002/2003 academic session, BFFA started granting scholarships to such children in Amodu with a view to positively shaping their future and giving them a sense of belonging. During that academic session, BFFA awarded scholarships to the best five pupils who graduated from the two main primary schools in Amodu. These students formed the first batch of BFFA's beneficiaries. Since then BFFA has been sponsoring the less privileged students from Amodu Community.

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